Sunday, December 23, 2018

8)The Holy Spirit by Jamie Musselman

From the Artist:  The idea actually came to me in a dream.  I made one attempt at making this sculpture a reality several months ago and failed, but the image kept coming back to me.  I don't usually work in three dimensions, as painting is my preferred medium, so I was a bit daunted.  However I just suddenly found myself working on this project again, without any definite plan, just letting things happen and working with it.  It was as if the Spirit was guiding me in the process.  The bird represents the Spirit residing in the heart.  He is silver to signify great worth, something incredibly precious.  The Holy Spirit is one of the greatest gifts that God has given to those who trust in Him, but in order to be able to receive this incredible gift, Jesus first had to come live on this Earth and pay the price to erase the sin that separates us from God.  Maybe it would have been amazing to walk as a disciple with Jesus, but what's amazing now is that we can have the Spirit of God residing inside of us. 

The heart is mainly paper mache.  The bird is made of polymer clay. Both are coated in acrylic paint.  The nest is made of twine and raffia.

Jamie Musselman is an artist studying Studio Arts and Spanish at Purdue University.  Check out more of her work at

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