Thursday, December 31, 2015

20)"New Year's Eve" Takē Kanz

Takē Kanz is a (usually acoustic) singer-songwriter wandering around Poland with his guitar.  He loves recording and old Hollywood movies.  Check out more of his groovy music on Soundcloud.  

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

19)"A Lonely Leaf" Robert Best

A lonely leaf at last gives way
To join the vibrant forest floor.
Autumnal rage has had its day,
And quiet Winter knocks the door.

The days grow short and light recedes
Before the grasping winter night.
The harvest heat to cold concedes,
And Nature shivers in her plight.

The birds have fled to southern lands,
And wary bears have gone to ground.
A chilly pilgrim rubs their hands
Upon a journey homeward bound.

In howling wind and driving snows
The traveller must forge their path,
But in their hearts the home-fire glows
And guides them through the snow storm's wrath.

But hope is frail when darkness reigns,
When sap is freezing in the trees
And ice is coursing through your veins,
For then it seems all life will freeze.

And ghosts are born in winter time
And rise each year to grip our hearts.
An ever striking pantomime
Where memory replays its parts.

A few bring grief and others joy,
Of love, long gone or never found
Or waiting, whether girl or boy
In love we trust, our hopes abound.

And so the trials of darkest night
And bitter bite of deepest cold
Remind us how to seek the light,
And find our warmth within the fold.

In company our freedom lies
From bleak despair and lonely grief.
That's why the pilgrim always tries
To reach the door that hangs a wreath.

Beyond that door is festive cheer,
Where song and laughter fill the air.
So come and taste the food and beer
And curl up on a fireside chair.

The weary pilgrim finds their home
And through the storm their knocking's heard.
They now no longer need to roam
And “Joy” has got the final word.


Robert Best is a Corellian starfighter trapped inside the body of a Terrestrial security guard outside Edinburgh. He handwrites most of his work to while away his long and lonely night shifts. However, if you wanted to hear more of his poetry or read his fantastical fiction you're going to have to wait for him to get off his backside to put it online.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

18)"Kaltės Našta" Viktorija Rabikauskaitė

Song Translation: "The burden of guilt“
The burden of guilt, depressing, more and more difficult,
I do not see meaning in my ways.
The dust of road clings deeper,
I do not fight and I stumble again.
Chorus: And I know, that for this I must die!
Oh, GOD, how hard is to admit to myself!
I stumble before YOU on my knees,
Please, forgive me. I pray fervently.
How many times do You, God, knock on my heart?
And how many times have You offered Your love to me?
But I just trample over You rudely
Choosing sin.
Song written and performed in Lithuanian by Viktorija Rabikauskaitė. She lives in Vilnius, Lithuania and has been writing songs since she was fifteen. Viktorija enjoys writing songs for God, for His glory and honor.

Monday, December 28, 2015

17)Holiday Art by Kerri Shadid

Kerri Shadid makes visual art through marbling, like these ornaments.

Marbling involves letting water give paints a unique shape.

Christmas Cards

A Painting

Kerri also does a "poetry stand" where she writes poetry to order at various festivals
or recently as the "artist-in-residence" at the OKC Hilton.

Kerri Shadid is a poet and visual artist based in the Oklahoma City Metro area. She creates unique handmade gifts and art during the holidays and throughout the year, including customized poetry artwork, hand-marbled notecards, and decoupaged Christmas ornaments. For more information, contact her at

Sunday, December 27, 2015

16)"Lord and Father of Mankind" Karolina Kieraitė

Crazy about long discussions, nature, poetry, and bikes, Karolina Kieraitė is a singer-songwriter, writer, photographer, and amateur philosopher.  She has a passion to share about God, his works, and character.   Hailing from Vilnius, Lithuania she currently studies psychology at LCC International University.  

Saturday, December 26, 2015

15)"Angels We Have Heard On High" Matt Howard

Matt Howard is a Youth and Worship Leader at North Coast Church in Fallbrook, CA, where he lives with his wife.  He also is a pretty impressive sound engineer and enjoys woodworking.  Check out his music on Bandcamp.  

Friday, December 25, 2015

14)"O Noche Santa" Jorge Rodríguez

Jorge Rodríguez is an Opera Student at UNAM from Coyoacán, Mexico City.  He has an awesome beard.  He enjoys photography and reading, but his primary passion is for music .  He sings tenore lirico leggiero.  Follow his art and like his page on Facebook.  

Thursday, December 24, 2015

13)"Рождество" Joy Youth WSP

English Translation And About the Band Below...
О Группе:  Молодежная группа прославления церкви Радость (Joy Church) в г. Алматы, Казахстан.  Своей целью ребята считают благословение верующих их творчеством и служением, а также привносить большое влияние в мир музыки. Купи их последный диск От Ранней Зари доступен в iTunes, Google Play и Apple Music!

Song Lyrics:  

Christmas, given to us long ago
Hundreds of years from now, it will still be going on
And on the days that we needed love the most
The birth of God's son, Christmas came around

And in this divine hour
You hear the story
Of the birth of the Savior

What to compare with Him?
Tell the news to everyone.
We celebrate the King.

Joy Youth Worship is a worship team from Joy Church (Radost) in Almaty Kazakhstan.  All the members of the group spend a large portion of their time with the worship team.  Their purpose as they understand it is to bless Christians with their art and to make an impact in the world of music. Check out their latest album 
От Ранней Зари available now on iTunes or Google Play.  

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

12)"Emmanuel" Curtis Howard


What can we do to save ourselves
There's no reprieve from this frozen hell
We sharpen our swords, we gather our men 
But how in this world can we slay our sin?

Emmanuel: Who's with us?

We begged for a king, you gave us our wish
We expected a warrior, who is this?
Pressed by the law, King Herod, and pride
We live in the dark, we need your light

Emmanuel: Who's with us?
Emmanuel: God with us

A baby is born
A star shows the way
The only Messiah is fast on His way
The ruler of all darkness will fall
Prepare your hearts for Emmanuel

Emmanuel: God With us

Curtis Howard is 19 year old worship leader in Dallas, TX. He's a big fan of guitar pedals and indie music, check out his guitar pedal blog @ He is currently attending The King's University in Southlake, and has set his heart on following God wherever He leads.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

11)"migrant child" Kelvin Fowler

over a hundred miles they walked
refugees, foreigners
hungry, poor
suspicious, religious
tired, dirty, angry, hurting

they walked, they cried, they fled
one hundred miles, one hundred agonising miles

awoken in darkness
smelling fear
fled for their lives
fled for each other
fled for their child

left behind
a madman, a tyrant
a home, toys, clothes, a cup
a dictatorship, death, destruction
left behind a life

death they fled
a lonely mother, lonely father
refugees walked
over one hundred miles
carrying their baby
their precious child

in their arms
a lonely refugee


Kelvin Fowler is a Kiwi pastor, poet, writer, and artist who lives in Klaipėda, Lithuania. His exploits include numerous publications, poetry tours of the UK and Germany, and various adventures like those in his book Clueless in America. Check out more of Kelvin's work at, including his latest book, Verses for the King.

Monday, December 21, 2015

10)"A Baby Was Born in Bethlehem" James Metelak

A Baby Was Born in Bethlehem

Cardboard pop.

A baby was born today
A child was born in Bethlehem
His passport isn't recognized.
His home was bulldozed because his parents
Couldn't get a permit (systematic prejudice)
There was "no room at the inn"
Arabs didn't want him
Europe was afraid of him
Americans are arguing about who's the toughest on
So he was born in a tent
In a refugee camp

They came bearing gifts and
Me, well,
I've got a bullet for you for Christmas
Mom and Dad aren't talking
And the presidents are telling us
Who can and can't be friends
Santa's naughty list
Depends on the news channel
You're watching

There's a bright light on the road to Damascus
A Mirage on the horizon
I was going to send you chocolate and oranges
But the sanctions just kicked in
Come New Year's we're praying
Our money will still be worth something

Dear mom and dad, we need your
Son to try to put back together the world
And one wonders how much difference there is
Between a jacket of C4 and a gun.

They came bearing gifts:
M-16s, AK-47s, Gas, Bombs
The drones are always watching
And the NSA's tracking your calls
The Saudi government wants your head
Cuz they don't like what your blog says

The tree is lined with barbed wire,
A flare on top,
Grenades hung from the branches,
A line of golden bullets wind around the bannister
And there's a Stinger launcher hung over the hearth.
Obama, Putin, and Hollande are laying an arsenal
Before the bassinet
Assad's bombing the village in hopes the baby won't grow up
And Rouhani and Saud and Erdogan are supporting their pet
Freedom-Fighterish Mobs
Asses bray violence,
Sheep baa-ing nationalism and fear,
Border fences and anti-Islamic sentiments
Angels sing the Battle Hymn of the Republic

There are not enough graves in the world
To hold the hate
And there's not enough water in the oceans
To drown the fear
My eyes are open and the answers are easy
And easily impossible

Goodwill to men,
Jesus, there will be no crown of thorns or cross,
No whip-streaked back for you
You're not gonna make it that far
The baby lies in ribbons on the ground
Rearrange the body's wreckage to spell out
Peace on Earth

James Metelak is a poet, singer-songwriter, photographer, and the primary editor of Headpiece.   Check out his book, The Great Word G-d, his latest album, photos, or a little bit of everything at his website.  He currently lives and works in an orphanage in Central Asia.  If you like this poem, look for his upcoming book, Reasons for Cutting the Power to a Large Section of America, coming 2016.   

Sunday, December 20, 2015

9)"His Covering" Audrey Miller

This is titled "His Covering"

It was inspired by Revelation 3:18

"I counsel you to buy from me gold refined in the fire, so you can become rich; and white clothes to wear, so you can cover your shameful nakedness; and salve to put on your eyes, so you can see."

This verse made me think of how when Jesus came he was naked. He did not come with glory or power or even clothes on his back. This was the image that came to my mind, that of a king taking off his royal mantle so that he could cover a cold, sickly beggar. Jesus divested himself of his kingship, like taking off a mantle so he could clothe us. He came to us when we were far worse than any beggar could be to cleanse, clothe and heal. How great is our God!

Audrey Miller is a Studio Art graduate of CSU Chico and one of the most joyful people I have ever met. She is currently a homemaker near Beale AFB in California. Check out her portfolio at Deviantart:

Saturday, December 19, 2015

8)"Suite Baby Jesus" Carl Nellis

Dear Jesus,
Is it better to put
Crap in the bible, or
Put bible verses on crap?
I can't decide, so I tried
Please let me know
Through my ROI.
Year-end is the

Dear Jesus,
I hope there are enough anxious
People to buy my book. If there aren't
Please scare a few more. THANKS.


Dear J,
Since I got
Away with this before I'm just
going to do it again. Glad
You approve!

Dear Jesus,
I didn't have enough
Plastic babies
In my house, so
I ordered
A few more.
They all have
Your eyes!

Dear Jesus,
I really want
To be generous
This year, so,

God, I need to talk
With you about
Being emotionally
At the table.

God, I need to talk
About turning
People Into projects,
And vice

God, I need to talk
About my slim
Leather wallet. That's
Where the problem


Jesus, don’t stay in
that one. Come up to the
penthouse suite, baby,
we need to toast Q4.
I’ll give you a pour
of my Lagavulin 18
(the undertones are
incredible, it will blow
your dome!) and we
can look down on
the city lights. My
kind of Merry Christmas.

Happy Birthday, Jesus!
Please help me
Not to think about
The dirty warehouses
Where all this stuff
Was getting dusty
For like six months
Before I bought
It. I mean, insects
And rodents. Gross.
And plus, someone
Might have gotten
Germs on it or something
(who would work
While they are sick? Like
Why would you even
Do that? It's so disrespectful
To customers!).
If there's, like, some
Sweat on it, please
wipe it off before
He opens it. I just
Want to give
a convenient present
and like, the best
Way was a one-click
Order. So what the wages
Of ease is unrest
Out of sight. Just
Keep it that way
Okay? Anyway,
Happy Birthday!

Carl Nellis is a steadfast friend, an excellent writer, and a beardly literary editor based in Beverly, MA.  Having finished graduate studies at Boston College, he enjoys tea, music, frisbee, and all things Scottish.  His profound and beautiful poems can be found at: .  Look for his book "Lesser Wheels" coming 2016.  

Friday, December 18, 2015

7)"Abundance" by Stephen Carradini

You lived in abundance
That we cannot yet know,
But came to our lack
And taught us to overflow

You came as we do, as a child
yet you were not rich
in the way of material things.
And now, as we try to overflow
as you did--trying to live
and see and love and wonder
as you wondered, on this earth--

we stare into the uncertainties
of war, displacement, racism,
greed, power, hatred, and violence.
It doesn't look abundant, and it hurts.
If you lived to bring abundance
why did you leave us to deal with want?

Yet you did more than visit our lack
you put it on, becoming human
so that you know how it feels
and we would know you know how it feels;
you hurt, and ached, and smiled
you want peace like we do,
you want the justice we want
and you long for the same abundance
as God and as man,
longing more than we can long ourselves
to bring the earth to right
to set abundance in the hearts of men forever
We long with impatience and sorrow,
but you so long ago promised that you
would not abandon us, and proved it
by becoming

a child and God, overflowing our categories--
As children of God, overflowing our understanding:
You who are abundant became want for us.

Stephen Carradini is an Oklahoman residing in North Carolina who reports on music at Independent Clauses,  publishes poems at Gospelized, and keeps trying to record music as The Midnight Sons

Thursday, December 17, 2015

6)"I Wonder as I Wander" Kyleigh Dunn

Passionate about music, the love of Christ, new cuisines, and exploring the great outdoors, Kyleigh strives to share her experiences, putting her thoughts, dreams, and imaginings onto paper as she has lived abroad and traveled the world. She currently resides in Japan with her husband and daughter. Check her Blog: FB:  Or check out her book The Christian Musician on Amazon.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

5)"A Child Was Born" by Josué David Suazo Coloma

Click to see better

Josué David Suazo is a Guatemalan architect, professor, guitarist and artist.  He has been a member of several bands such as Link and Doce, and The Classical Guitar Orchestra in Guatemala City.  His latest album, Music of the Heart, will be available in January on Itunes and Amazon.  He enjoys combining his many passions, foremost of which is music.  He is also a fan of cookies and milk. 

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

4)"Heavenly Host EP" Katie Joy Nellis and the Keystone YAs

Kathryn Nellis is a painter, musician, and creative genius.  She studied at Gordon College and in Orvieto, Italy, and currently works as a self-employed artist in Chester County, Pennsylvania.

The Keystone YAs are a Young Adult Group from Keystone Church in Paradise, PA. 

Monday, December 14, 2015

3)"Let Earth Receive Her King" Adriana Polanco

Adriana Polanco is a freelance Graphic Design Artist living in Guatemala, Guatemala with her amazing husband Mr. Suazo. She's also talented translator working for Life of Hope Ministries, has impeccable taste in music, and prays big prayers. 

Sunday, December 13, 2015

2)On Callings by JL Jacobs

I look out
my Grandmother’s window
first hoary white
past Sand-bar Crossing.

This Her view. Northward.

From here
She beheld
the uppermost reaches
of the Atchafalaya.

Must have reminded her
of her be-loved
Fooshe La Fay.

From a stately
old (home)
that still haunts
and holds out
in the hollow

to this humble
cottage …
to this humble cottage.

When She lived there,
when the Fourche La Fave,
White & Mississippi

They became one.

JL Jacobs is an Oklahoma poet, the author of a handful of books including The Leaves in Her Shoes and Streets as Elsewhere.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

1)"Слава, Слава Аллелуя" Воробьёвы

О нас:  В нашей семье 18 детей! Все, кроме самых маленьких играют на музыкальных инструментах. Мы пишем и поем песни прославляющие Иисуса Христа, Который творит чудеса в нашей жизни!

About the Borobyev Family:  In our family there are 18 kids, and everyone except the littlest play different musical instruments.  We write and sing songs praising Jesus Christ, who moves in our lives in miraculous ways!  

English Translation of the Lyrics:

Today on earth we celebrate
The Holy Birth of Christ
Angels rejoice in the heavens
Praising the miracle maker

Glory Glory Hallelujah
Here for our salvation
Christ is born!
Now and forevermore
I live with the Lord
And from the fires of Hell I am safe.

Wherever I have gone
He's always with me
The best and truest friend
Showing the straight path
He is the way the truth and the life