Wednesday, December 23, 2015

12)"Emmanuel" Curtis Howard


What can we do to save ourselves
There's no reprieve from this frozen hell
We sharpen our swords, we gather our men 
But how in this world can we slay our sin?

Emmanuel: Who's with us?

We begged for a king, you gave us our wish
We expected a warrior, who is this?
Pressed by the law, King Herod, and pride
We live in the dark, we need your light

Emmanuel: Who's with us?
Emmanuel: God with us

A baby is born
A star shows the way
The only Messiah is fast on His way
The ruler of all darkness will fall
Prepare your hearts for Emmanuel

Emmanuel: God With us

Curtis Howard is 19 year old worship leader in Dallas, TX. He's a big fan of guitar pedals and indie music, check out his guitar pedal blog @ He is currently attending The King's University in Southlake, and has set his heart on following God wherever He leads.

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