Thursday, December 24, 2015

13)"Рождество" Joy Youth WSP

English Translation And About the Band Below...
О Группе:  Молодежная группа прославления церкви Радость (Joy Church) в г. Алматы, Казахстан.  Своей целью ребята считают благословение верующих их творчеством и служением, а также привносить большое влияние в мир музыки. Купи их последный диск От Ранней Зари доступен в iTunes, Google Play и Apple Music!

Song Lyrics:  

Christmas, given to us long ago
Hundreds of years from now, it will still be going on
And on the days that we needed love the most
The birth of God's son, Christmas came around

And in this divine hour
You hear the story
Of the birth of the Savior

What to compare with Him?
Tell the news to everyone.
We celebrate the King.

Joy Youth Worship is a worship team from Joy Church (Radost) in Almaty Kazakhstan.  All the members of the group spend a large portion of their time with the worship team.  Their purpose as they understand it is to bless Christians with their art and to make an impact in the world of music. Check out their latest album 
От Ранней Зари available now on iTunes or Google Play.  

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