Wednesday, December 30, 2015

19)"A Lonely Leaf" Robert Best

A lonely leaf at last gives way
To join the vibrant forest floor.
Autumnal rage has had its day,
And quiet Winter knocks the door.

The days grow short and light recedes
Before the grasping winter night.
The harvest heat to cold concedes,
And Nature shivers in her plight.

The birds have fled to southern lands,
And wary bears have gone to ground.
A chilly pilgrim rubs their hands
Upon a journey homeward bound.

In howling wind and driving snows
The traveller must forge their path,
But in their hearts the home-fire glows
And guides them through the snow storm's wrath.

But hope is frail when darkness reigns,
When sap is freezing in the trees
And ice is coursing through your veins,
For then it seems all life will freeze.

And ghosts are born in winter time
And rise each year to grip our hearts.
An ever striking pantomime
Where memory replays its parts.

A few bring grief and others joy,
Of love, long gone or never found
Or waiting, whether girl or boy
In love we trust, our hopes abound.

And so the trials of darkest night
And bitter bite of deepest cold
Remind us how to seek the light,
And find our warmth within the fold.

In company our freedom lies
From bleak despair and lonely grief.
That's why the pilgrim always tries
To reach the door that hangs a wreath.

Beyond that door is festive cheer,
Where song and laughter fill the air.
So come and taste the food and beer
And curl up on a fireside chair.

The weary pilgrim finds their home
And through the storm their knocking's heard.
They now no longer need to roam
And “Joy” has got the final word.


Robert Best is a Corellian starfighter trapped inside the body of a Terrestrial security guard outside Edinburgh. He handwrites most of his work to while away his long and lonely night shifts. However, if you wanted to hear more of his poetry or read his fantastical fiction you're going to have to wait for him to get off his backside to put it online.

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  1. I am glad that Joy triumphed and that Hope trumped darkness, from one log fireside to another I look forward to perhaps Spring vanquishing steely Winter