Tuesday, December 29, 2015

18)"Kaltės Našta" Viktorija Rabikauskaitė

Song Translation: "The burden of guilt“
The burden of guilt, depressing, more and more difficult,
I do not see meaning in my ways.
The dust of road clings deeper,
I do not fight and I stumble again.
Chorus: And I know, that for this I must die!
Oh, GOD, how hard is to admit to myself!
I stumble before YOU on my knees,
Please, forgive me. I pray fervently.
How many times do You, God, knock on my heart?
And how many times have You offered Your love to me?
But I just trample over You rudely
Choosing sin.
Song written and performed in Lithuanian by Viktorija Rabikauskaitė. She lives in Vilnius, Lithuania and has been writing songs since she was fifteen. Viktorija enjoys writing songs for God, for His glory and honor.

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