Tuesday, December 22, 2015

11)"migrant child" Kelvin Fowler

over a hundred miles they walked
refugees, foreigners
hungry, poor
suspicious, religious
tired, dirty, angry, hurting

they walked, they cried, they fled
one hundred miles, one hundred agonising miles

awoken in darkness
smelling fear
fled for their lives
fled for each other
fled for their child

left behind
a madman, a tyrant
a home, toys, clothes, a cup
a dictatorship, death, destruction
left behind a life

death they fled
a lonely mother, lonely father
refugees walked
over one hundred miles
carrying their baby
their precious child

in their arms
a lonely refugee


Kelvin Fowler is a Kiwi pastor, poet, writer, and artist who lives in Klaipėda, Lithuania. His exploits include numerous publications, poetry tours of the UK and Germany, and various adventures like those in his book Clueless in America. Check out more of Kelvin's work at supper.co.nz, including his latest book, Verses for the King.

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