Tuesday, December 18, 2018

3)Dressember Poem by Joanna Marshall

We choose to
Share stories,
Show the world,
There is an injustice

This injustice
Slaps you in the face.
More than 35 million
People enslaved.
Could be your sister,
Your brother,
Your daughter,
Your son,

We are the voices
Of the voiceless
For the unpaid
For the exploited
For the vulnerable.
For the silenced

So we choose.
We choose to dress
On Christmas,
In the winter,
Through snow shoveling,
That we may
Through our dresses.

Dresses and scarves
Layers of leggings
We shiver.

We choose.
We stand.
We commit.



Dressember is an awareness movement that tries to highlight the reality of modern-day slavery.  You can learn more @ http://dressember.org.

Joanna Marshall is a Math Education major at Purdue University who  takes pictures, writes poetry, and crochets.  She's looking forward to finishing her degree soon and enjoys serving in church.

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