Friday, December 21, 2018

6)Dads by Stephen Carradini

Dear Joseph,
This year, thinking about Christmas,
I’ve been thinking about how similar we are.
We’re both dads.

That’s probably where the superficial similarities stop, to be honest.

But I think you dreamt a life.
I wonder if your dreams
Close-held, deep ones, real ones
suddenly just didn’t seem important.
Did you feel the unexplainable joy
and describable life confusion
of the first-time father?
Did being the earthly father of the son of God
make that harder or easier or the same?
Did your son, the Son of God, upend your life a bit?

Did you wonder what God wanted of you, giving you such a son?
Did you long for the Messiah?
Did you long for the Messiah, knowing he lived in your house?
If you did (and I think you did), how did it feel,
to know the new world was breaking through, one day at a time?
To see your dream grow up, Friday to Saturday to Sunday?

I ask because God gave me a son
And I feel the indescribable joy
And the describable life confusion

But I ask also because I know your Son
And I am still wondering what he wants of me
Even as I feel the new world breaking through
One day at a time

Stephen Carradini is an Oklahoman in Arizona who writesteaches, and sings.

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