Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Wonderful time of the year...

HEADPIECE's 25 Days of Christmas starts in SIX DAYS!!!!!   Woohoo!!!  Get excited and bust out your Christmas albums!  We bout to do this.  Send your submissions asap!  Poems, Photography, Creative Non-Fiction, Fiction, Film, Music, Art, if it's artsy and Christmas or Incarnation-related, we'll take it!!  The hope is in community to refresh our view of Christmas, so that those stale old traditions can be beautiful, and to share art, because art is awesome!!!

Please send submissions to me on FB or to jimtak23 AT g mail, please send you submissions before December 20th!

Be sure to check out last years submissions for inspiration.  We've got a place for your work right here.  :) 

Si tienes algo artística sobre la navidad o sobre la tema de la encarnación en español...por fa envíalo también...podemos traduccirlo para los gringos.  :)  jimtak23 en gmail punto com.

Если у тебя есть что-нибудь по-русскй, что-то исскуство которое на теме рождества или зимы или воплощения, отправьте пожалуйста на э-майл jimtak23 на gmail точко com. 

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