Saturday, December 21, 2013

11)Melody Gerke: Treasures

three is the number of Divine Love:
you shall marry the man your heart holds high
when you have a child;
it will be time
when the Holy One arrives.

do not be afraid.

when your pulse pounds
at the sound of his name aloud;
how the eager compass inside your ribcage
forever points toward him:
these are good and true, dear.
treasure them with the rest.
let the knowledge of his intention
grow quietly in your soul—
let him go and build,
let him follow his own instructions.

do not forget your precious work:
to rest, to sing,
to dream,
to eat well,
to be fascinated;
to be full in body as you create,
as you cradle the stuff of Heaven.

know this is wide,
know this is wild,
and breathe, darling,
for you have been chosen.

your heart alone can hold these treasures
and thus they are yours.

Melody Gerke is an Oregon-based poet and singer.  Check out some more of her poems and musings on tumblr

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