Friday, December 20, 2013

10)JL Jacobs: Prayers and Poems.

Come sit beside us, O God, within us, around us
and energize us to be more,
to seek our status in your Spirit,
to seek our identity in You.

May we be one in You,
as we brother and sister together,
that in becoming mirrors,
we might reflect your shining
as the stars do the sun.
O God of our transforming
help us see the miracles about us,
to realize when your are there
rivering our deserts,
and building roads through our oceans.

On Synaesthesia
and Beethoven’s Marcia funebre:  Allegro assai
How many poets
do you reckon       see / hear
music in colors?
Is anyone surprised
Samuel Taylor Colridge
described      the bright
the deep            purple
of Beethoven’s slow
movement of his Eroica.
Call now: Two flutes, two oboes,
two clarinets, two bassoons, three horns,
two trumpets, tympanum, and strings.
Famous funeral march tempo
into music that almost goes away.
Diminished A seventh.
Color now:
Purple. Royal. Hallowed Advent.


God of manna in the wilderness
God of living manna
upon whom we feast
in Holy Eucharist,
we entreat you,
into the whole of our beings,
that in love
we may honour and prefer you,
keeping our committment
to your Holy Word.
We await you
that we might
your Shekhinah, your radiance,
and ourselves become
a sacred tent of the Covenant.
JL Jacobs is an Oklahoma poet, and the author of The Leaves in Her Shoes.   The first and third pieces were liturgical prayers written for St. John's Episcopal Church. 

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