Thursday, December 26, 2013

15)Chris Krycho: This is the Way that World Ends

This is the way the world ends:
with a woman's pain and a squalling child
the old world dying and the new world rushing in
like the newborn's head forcing its way in pain from

A Big Bang of agony and delight
 to start a life of sorrow,
to end in death,
to inaugurate forever joy,
to end in life with the end of ending lives.

The end of the world comes with a bang, a whimper,
a cry muffled by sheep-sound and mother's breast
 the groaning of the earth as she whirls under the silent,
shouting stars and the assembled host of heaven,
waiting to be born

Passionate for truth, Chris Krycho is composer, writer, blogger, web designer.  He also recently became a father.

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