Friday, December 19, 2014

#8 Carl Nellis: Logos

by Carl Nellis

Let there be
words enough
for our joy.

When I think on
his mother my eyes,
back and forth
through time,
taste blue dolphin.

In a world of
corporate logos
what has not been
publicized? Story
sequences draws
a whole from

Trappers wound
snares, sealed hulls,
launched a thousand
trips south, mouths
agape for the boundless
earth, brought demand.

A voice of breath
that would be weak
in any clamor remakes
silent space
in its own timbre.

Settlers sued
for peace, bought land,
wrote ambition on
the sandstone, the red
shale, the desert places,
the coastal harbors,
the hills and watersheds.

No beast
I know has slithered
so loudly through time.

They made music.
The piano’s three
toes hover over
carpets, a bog
toad’s. Step down,
creature, we
want to hear
that ungodly clangor.

She was not called
Maria until the end.

Bubbles explode
upward through copper
piping with the sound
of falling gravel, snapping
loops, ragged wire.

Here lies one
whose name
is writ in neon
once or twice
each year.

The beast is
crushed with what
no eye, no ear,
has ever whispered
into silent space.

Ah, narrative
thread! She
On waking,
sways, boils
water, watches
light filter
leaf grid,
snow blanket:
bodies of
knowledge, shifting
in sleep,
musk hovering
over sheets
sewn with
bone needles.

It is the silent sway
over Jerusalem
that calls us
under firs, even
from the old rocker,
a to-and-fro unheard
over the tearing
of envelopes.

Fences, roofs,
my window,
the glass
towers bending
beams toward
ivory keys.
little remains
to be
spoken aloud.
Signs everywhere
bend, bow
strings, resound.

Let there be
few enough
words for me.

Carl Nellis is a steadfast friend, an excellent writer, and a beardly editor based in Beverly, MA.  A graduate literature student at Boston College, he enjoys tea, music, frisbee, all things Scottish, and all things literary.  His profound and beautiful poems can be found at: .

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