Saturday, December 27, 2014

#16 Michael Walker: Dawn Raid

Dawn Raid

Star who stood sentinel to guide wise men
Famed among celestial kin,
Where have you wandered, over those golden sands?
For no man follows now.
I don’t see you.

Once upon a time
On that first night –

You stood in the East, and poor men flocked,
To where angels sang their songs;
Over stinking stable: blood, sweat, placenta –
Marking a new King’s birth.

But who watches now? Who marks your course?
No cosmic map for this lost child’s world,
No light to light the sky -
As sands drink blood of men slain
And carrion fowls, and cageless crows
Take the angels’ place in the sky.

Come, all Ye Faithful, come.

Come, from this moth eaten kingdom, come;
To the doors of an eternal dwelling house, come.
From bloody exile, come -
To the Stable,
To the table,
Of the brighter Morning Star.

And watch as kings of this world cast down their crowns,
By starlight, at this infant’s feet:
The King has come, the darkness shudders
At this dawn raid,
His shaking light.

Michael Walker is a young writer from Plymouth, England.  He's a passionate servant in his church and loves playing the piano and good coffee.  Check out his blog @

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