Wednesday, December 24, 2014

#13 Steven Gibson: Carol Poem.

Away in a manger
Where lambs would be birthed,
Washed, cleaned, and prepared
For earthly

Each lamb taken
To fulfill the law,
Watched over by shepherds
Ensuring no flaw.

Hark, the herald angels sang
To those entrusted with the lambs
Sending them to spread the word
“The lamb of God is on this earth”

O little town of Bethlehem,
Where tribes of Judah had begun
The first son of a new Israel
Breathes first, breathes in, breathes life to all

And in this twisted carol
Heaven doesn't touch Earth.
It grabs it, shakes it
Holds it, hugs it
Saves it, restores it
Floods it with grace
And a season of joy begins.

Steven Gibson is a teacher, worship leader, and youth leader in Plymouth, England.  His worship team
"One Touch" will be releasing an album sometime 2015.  

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