Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Day 22: Nkanya Nkwai: If it were you?

If it were you?

Such is Love, who can tell?

Have you ever fallen in love?

Can love be lust? But lust can be love!

Then can we know how desperate it can be,

When we want to save someone we love,

Someone who belongs to us,

What would you do?

What if the most precious thing you ever got,

The most important thing that came from you:

Your signature and legacy

your son/daughter/sibling/parent

Is trapped, and truth is covered up.

What would you do?

The young girl was called “blessed of all”

She mothered the baby, his natal bed was a manger

But the wise worship him, with gold, frankincense, myrrh.

He was, he is “good news” to you.

Good news that the Almighty stooped down

And a wonder of his love was displayed

Such an irregular descent, who can know?

Godhead reduced to a seed

Planted in virgin territory, to grow.

He set genes and chromosomes

He made the rules and conditions to motions

Who else can do this?

Such an irregular descent, that:

We are his children, He our father!

He made the rules, he changed the rules.

Jesus is rules changed!

If it were you?

Nkanya Nkwai is a Theology student from Cameroun.

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