Monday, December 20, 2010

Day 20: Stephen Carradini: "Get Born"

"Get Born"

We are not born to be born.

We do not celebrate birthdays

because being born is spectacular

(even if a birth is unusual)

but because of the life that springs

And a birthday will not matter if

there's no life to make the birth

the start of something brilliant

meaningful, memorable, wonderful

and no matter what it has become

and no matter modern life's take

I celebrate everything after the birth

of Christ on Christmas.

For if nothing happened after that,

it's a nice show for shepherds,

some good songs, a road trip

and a freak event (or maybe adultery).

But now we celebrate the birth

all these thousands of years later

because a birth only matters

as long as your life (and death) does.

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  1. Stephen is...a lot of things. I sang on his album, he writes a blog: . I think he's a writer, he did get a journalism degree, but we're not holding it against him. :) This is the cd. I like the song "When?" best.