Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day 15: Robertas Lisickis: A Gift

Pacing down
towards my home -
Gazing at the matter
ever blown -
It has a dusty
misty air to it.
Snow and flakes
heavenly are lit.

Round the corner,
ever so struggling,
is stuck a car,
through avalanche, juggling.
Skidding in one spot,
simply stands silently stuck.
Seeking a fortunate spot,
through toil and hard buck.

With no call,
not a man in sight,
I jump to push,
pursue its goal with might.
With Him was I strong,
to push it out the slip.
Right back then,
I felt my broken heart flip.

Robertas Lisickis is a Poet, a Lithuanian Student who likes to play with English while manning the University Front Desk. His wordplay is always fun and often impressive.

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