Friday, January 5, 2018

24)Zulfira Saniyeva: Two Original Christmas Songs

1-я Рождественская--Зульфира Саниева

The song is in Russian.  The chorus goes like this:  

White snow falls
The birth of Christ has come to us
Once again, a candle is lit inside our hearts
The Christ considered you and I as friends
All that was has passed
The earth embraces him warmly
What are you waiting for?
Come close
And find eternal life 

Праздник Рождества--Зульфира Саниева

Also in Russian.  This one goes like this

We always celebrate the birth of Christ
Soon and very soon 
He's bringing his joy on New Year's

Once again, the kids at home believe in miracles and presents in the morning
And we also as children renew our faith 
The kingdom of God is coming soon
We'll enter in with Jesus Christ 
Christmas!  Christmas!
Happiness and joy He brings.

Zulfira Sanieva is a singer-songwriter from KZ.  She loves life, God, and music.   

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