Wednesday, January 3, 2018

22)Jamie Musselman "Christmas for Life"

In the beginning, I made a choice
Choosing to ignore God’s voice
Time after time, you’d think I’d learn
The reward for the shortcut of sin is a burn
Again and again I choose my own way
I lead myself further and further astray
I take what I can to fill in the hole
That overwhelms the depths of my soul
And when I’ve done all I can to cope
I sense  there might still be hope

He's here:
That mysterious baby under a star

Two thousand years, seems so far away
That His short life should affect us today
And there’s nothing that we can do to repay
That radical love of our Father and King
He chose to leave his paradise throne
And as a homeless rabbi, Earth’s streets to roam
And looming before Him, there stood a cross
For our gain would be the result of His loss
In light of this, what am I to do?
Called to do more than just sit in a pew
Called to live by His example
To demonstrate His love, so ample

Remember that Christmas is not just a day

It brought us the truth, the life and the way

Jamie Musselman is a visual artist and painter from Indiana.  Check out more of her work at RedBubble or watch her draw on Youtube.  

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