Saturday, December 17, 2016

4)Stephen Carradini "The First Person to See God in the Flesh"

cuts the cord with a small knife
and wipes the blood off the eyelids of

God blinks.

Joseph blinks too, caught up in awe 
at his firstborn son
who is also the son of God.

Thoughts rush through his head, like
"I hope Mary knows how to make a sling
because I don't" and
"I wonder if the neighbors need a new table,
because I'm gonna need some more work" and
"So you're the Messiah, huh?" 
shortly thereafter followed by a shocking
"How do I raise the Messiah?" 
"Does this mean I can't screw this up
or that I could screw this up really bad?"

Jesus' eyes wander up toward Joseph's.
Jesus smiles, and Joseph thinks,
"No, the Lord will cover us."

Stephen Carradini is an Oklahoman residing in North Carolina who reports on music at Independent Clauses, records music as The Midnight Sons, and occasionally posts poems at Gospelized

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