Wednesday, December 14, 2016

1)Audrey Gragert "Madonna with Child" and "Christmas in the Tropics"

This last year, I had a thought. What if Mary had morning sickness? It had never occured to me. I had always assumed she had a comfortable, perfect pregnancy because she was doing God's will and God blesses those who obey him. It occured to me recently that Jesus was born in pain and blood and there was no reason why Mary should not have had a normal side effect of pregnancy. Perhaps she had times where she hovered uncertainly over a bucket or days where she was just too sick to do anything but lie on her bed. I hope not, but it made me think that even when we are doing what is right, we will not always be comfortable. 

"Christmas in the Tropics" 8.5"x8.5" watercolor

This is my impression of the Holidays in Guam. There are Christmas lights everywhere, but it still does not look anything like the Christmas I am used to seeing.
In the Middle Ages kings would hold an orb to represent how God had power over all the earth and I decided to use a similar form to represent something slightly different. Being in Guam, I have realized how God's family is where ever I go. It may be impossible to celebrate Christmas with my family in the United States, but I can still celebrate with my family, my church family. God's power reaches to every part of the earth and his people are all throughout the earth as well.

Audrey Gragert is a Studio Art graduate of CSU Chico (California) and one of the most joyful people I have ever met.  She is currently a homemaker stationed in Guam, expecting for the first time!  Check out her portfolio at Deviantart: 

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