Monday, December 26, 2016

13)Аида Азизова "Звезда"

Aida Azizova is a Kyrgyz Singer-Songwriter.   Listen to more of her music on youtube.

Аида Азизова Кыргыз певец и поэт.   Слышьте её музыку на ютубе.

Translation of the Lyrics:
The stars above are silent
Or maybe shouting
I don’t hear them
What does the silence speak of?
When I finally
Turn my ear
Wind brings me news
There is in this world
One who loves
White snowflakes on my face
Kiss me in His name

Tell me rain,
Can you embrace the
Whole world with
Your love?
Tell me sun,
Can you light up
The darkness in
Each lonely heart?

I see the light of the brightest star
He whispers with his shining
That there in this world
One who gave His life
Because of His love
For me

And the wind, the bright stars
And the white snow, and abundant rain…
On my cheeks fall tears of thankfulness
I see his love all around
I hear what the silence has been shouting
I see the dancing snowflakes
I know the One who loves me
And I respond
I love you too

I know of One who loves you

Will you tell him, “I love you too,”? 

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