Saturday, December 3, 2011

1)Kelvin Fowler: Two Poems


Mary's mindful miracle maybe miss leading

Bethlehem's bastard boy born beneath a star

stored and stacked in a stingy stinkin' stable

but beautiful boy became big

and bashed backward backsliding bureauracy

the Christ cross-bearer crushed and crusted in crimson blood

suffered surrendered secured the senseless sin of this sinister world

pierced in the possibility of peace per person personifying personal piety

earnestly eagerly enthusiastically encouraging an encounter with eternity

Mary's mindful miracle of mercy merely means

perfection passion peace pardon paradise



God in his majesty
God in his humanity
God with us
God in his completeness
and humanity in her fullness


About the artist: Kelvin Fowler is a Kiwi pastor, poet, writer and artist who lives in KlaipÄ—da, Lithuania.  He recently completed a poetry tour of the UK and Ireland, and has published a sassy travel memoir "Clueless in America," as well as a couple collections of poetry.  Please do not repost these poems without his permission (He says he'll usually grant you permission, just ask first.) You should check out his blog:

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