Saturday, December 17, 2011

15)Jonathan Kusnerek: Light Series

Light Series

  This series of pieces were inspired by the first chapter of John in the Bible. This chapter speaks of the incarnation of Jesus as the Light of the World. I wanted to explore the interaction of darkness and light through this series in a raw, abstract form to limit the distractions of naturalistic imagery. I feel that this was fitting for portraying “God with us”.

This time of year all the gaudy, flashy pomp is everywhere, and it can be really distracting from what Christmas is supposed to be about.  When we take the Christmas story and boil it down to its simplest form, it is light coming into darkness. Light came into the world to save the world; Jesus came to save us. 

Please click on the pieces to view them full-size.
 I.  The Light Shineth in the Darkness

II. The darkness comprehendeth not.

III.  Light made flesh and dwelt among us

IV.  For we were lost in darkness

V.  The Light came to save us

Jonathan Kusnerek is an art student at Pensacola State College, headed for Chicago this next year.  He is a talented musician and artist, a loyal and thoughtful friend.  

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