Wednesday, December 14, 2011

12)Kerstin Danielle: December Photography

1winter- morning frost

2winter- snow from above

3winter- wacky truffles (used the wrong kind of chocolate, they look like spidermonkey food)

4winter- contrast. the snow came in almost horizontally, so only one side of the tree had snow on it.

5winter- scoreboard.

6winter- making gifts (this is actually from a few months ago. buuut, i'm doing the same thing at the moment)

7winter- christmas tree/luces

8winter- tiny perfection

9winter- lone ranger

10winter- hymns

11winter- cathedral during mass

12winter- masked spikes

13winter- homemade cards

14winter- narnia/Menomonie, WI (my favorite place in the town I attend school...)

15winter- Abba.

  17winter- paris, dec 2010

Kerstin Danielle is a fourth-year at University of Wisconsin Stout, and a passionate photographer, traveller, and servant of others.

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