Saturday, January 7, 2017

24)Cait Kady "Indwelling"

A shoot from the stump of Jesse
like gold
is a young girl abiding
in her Father
for Messiah
not knowing
the Most High
would overshadow her.
among us
among the least of us.
This indwelling so
She submits to and
It is He!
She knows
it is He.
Rejoicing to be a branch,
her babe the vine.
Her body so briefly
a tabernacle
a dwelling for
incarnate God
among us.
Her heart ponders
this privilege
the heart that will
be pierced.
But for now
overflows with joy.
The baby holy
moves within her,
and she will
remember His earthly abiding
Her heart prepared Him room
and He
dwelt there.

Cait lives in New York City with her husband and three kids.  While she spends most of her time trying to love on her three little ones, she's also a talented writer and artist.

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