Tuesday, January 3, 2017

21)James Metelak "New Nuevo Новый Жаңы Nouveau"

They call holidays an option for a reason
Жаңы жыл.   Жаңы.  Жаңы, ага? Take me on your genocide tour!
Гусь уже толстеет ha'penny guy montage
Mistah Kurtz--dead
Où t'es?

I don't know

Everything (timezone by timezone domino-falls the shadow) ends sometime
The other foot drops the TimesSq ball
Limbo-dangling heldbreath endzone safety
Weight for a flash in the pa(i)n that never comes
Tornadocrowd crashes field expectation(blues/blows) post(')s down

            Сольнце улыбается
            Her firework eyes
            Darken my horizon
            There were things I should've known
            "Не врала" сказала
            But you could've let me know
            You should've made promises you could keep

            Resolute Atlantic cold and a cough from my bones
            Staying up late
            Because we don't have a reason to get up

Happy New Fear!
            Où t'es papa?
            I'm living on recycled hubris and tired tr(h)opes
            Fumble through my phone contacts (rosary)
            Praying that when I find the ghirl:
            Problem solved!
            Or at least the fear of the unknown might go
      Black night dying-into-nothing nightmares
A fleshwound year without resolution
And we stand on the edge of its cosmic question mark
Curled milklike across a charcoaledhazesky
The year soured, (w)retch, gone bad
Time to give it two to the chest
This is a year for...UNresolutions,
A year for resolving
Just to keep going (let go)
Peace agreements signed in
Glances and middle fingers erect
At prayer for the mirror

But 2016, f**k you
Nothing's really ever new.
I will carry you like a black eye
Time is never gone.

Nearlythirtyboy neck hurts from the Jonahstorm stress I'm getting old
I thought I could protect the fatherless, I promised
Twenty minutes later I watched them bleed (passively).
I thought I had found the one;
Two weeks on she was in a walk-to-remember white dress with
Someone else.
I thought this was the promised-land-home-at-last
(We've been waiting so long, we've been waiting so long)
"You belong here" You said
Yeah?  You call this things working out?
I thought that I'd find ground
But I've been freefalling (weightless and terrified) through
Jobs and letdowns and betrayals
And mundane racism and deaththreats and well-meaning gossips and matchmakers and
"Go homes" and "Why are you heres?" and
My hypocrisy and the unfinished to-do list
And the fears and hopes of deportation and/or losing myself
I've been watching my back, changing my routes,
Slipping on black ice (Dis-moi où es-tu caché?)
and putting blankets around
Everytremblingone else and their head traumas.
When it's time to run, run, run, run, run.  (Paranoid Shock)

Jimmy.  Aaja.
Give up this madness.
And he whispered fear is logical.

Novelty Navidad Новшевство Жаңылык Nouveauté
Let  auld acquaintance be forgot...  ("and those days too")

We've been around this merry-go-round before
We're back where we started a year ago

News Noticias Новости Жаңылыктар Nouvelles
            Wars and rumours of wars
            "the best lack all conviction"
            The scratched cd news typeset gyre ruts the same orbitous routines
            Like a bad habit
            F change.  E inflation.  A  crisis.  R sanctions.
            News never changes
            The olds nod their heads
            As they try to dodge sleep and stir up coald wars again
            But the monotone drone lullabies/
            Hellfires them all in the end (pages burn and no one cares
                        about newspapers or Yemen (or their children...here I'll show you a picture) or how                               trade laws can ghettoize entire nations)
Kendrick say we'regonnabealright...ага
Any other song to sing besides these blues?

And improved
The pink firework explosion graphic on this future drainsludge and soapscum says this formula gets things cleaner than the older one
Ferguson Baltimore Brexit Black Rock Aleppo Bomb Border Wall Ага...
This is what winning looks like.
Fear and corruption and honour killings in Donbass and red herring laws Trump common sense and wisdom
Another year, another $2 million doesn't make it to the children.

I woke up thinking you were (Où t'es?)still here...
01/01 01/01 01/01 you can't step in(ception) twice (wrote that poem before)
Time Styx needle(s)pins cask(et) river running re-record part 2 take twozerooneseven

            Jimmy (2x), toil and trouble,
            C‘mon what does a man gain but a wind-grasping
            Gasp as he stares down the double-barrelled horror of the darkness
            The steady chipping away as you realize that the weakness
            Of man has been in you since the beginning
            And your breath is fading daily.

Time Styx needle(s)pins cask(et) river running re-record part 2 take twozerooneseven

ma right insane yirwanny us jimmy
see it nyir eyes wanny uz 
gonny miss thi GEMM jimmy
Safety means two points for the other team
Suffering means character/hope and consider it joy or trauma or at least just keep breathing/dying
Til your world caves in

Evening comes.
I'll be in the thorn-filled field spinning/singing like a planet trying to say sane
How do the children make it look so easy?  
The spinning out, rain running off outstretched tongues?

James Metelak is a poet, photographer, and singer-songwriter based in Kyrgyzstan, and the editor/curator of the Headpiece Blog.  Check out his work at http://sandpiperparade.weebly.com.  

First photo from Al-Jazeera. 

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