Sunday, January 4, 2015

#24 Carl Nellis: He was Radiating Love

He Was Radiating Love
by Carl Nellis (after Billie Whitelaw and Samuel Beckett)

But the brain still
over the hiss, almost an ocean                   dull roar in the skull
of sound

Imagine not suffering                                    Godforsaken
like falls

wants everything, wants you
to be perfect
Even though it is                                               impossible

His head in his hands
his powder blue eyes
see the                                                                 miraculous
recording in the dark.

Carl Nellis is a steadfast friend, an excellent writer, and a beardly editor based in Beverly, MA.  A graduate literature student at Boston College, he enjoys tea, music, frisbee, all things Scottish, and all things literary.  His profound and beautiful poems can be found at: .

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