Saturday, January 3, 2015

#23 James Metelak: Black Fridays

Black Fridays

Wood frame.
Oil burning anointing lamp
Recession cave upheavals.

1869, 1929, 1989,
Yellow sticky note on a calendar
Momentary illumination between
Two black Fridays
A red day, a blood day, a sticky day,
A day for cutting ribbons
And umbilicals
A baby born Athena-wise
A spurt of blood from the president's skull
The market is avalanching.
Someone was stabbed over a parking space.
We probably spend it all ’cause the pain ain’t cheap.

How deep is your greed?
God is dead...we have killed him...
-Ed ads data mining roaring 20s
A big push.
Best Buy smartphone subprime mortgage lending.
Amniotic bubble bursts
Toys R Us bailouts for big wigs
Must we ourselves not become gods simply to appear worthy of it?
Peasantry. a cry of protest.
For shame, Jerusalem,
No human family.
Someone was stabbed over a parking space.

The prodigal swipes credit card messiah
Freedom ain't cheap

Crossed staves on a skull.
Three stabs in a grassy knoll.
Shadows on a baby's soft wet cranium.

Seven Bolsheviks burst through the door...

The loss of a kingdom.
The loss of the innocents.

...bullets slam pillows and diamonds

Elder brother poison priest
Hunts down the prodigal God
Only one is good.

The princeling groans.
The blood on the hay.
Divine right of rule.

Ask not what your country can do for you...

How deep is your greed?
Every boom must bust
Every bone be dust.

Two parallel railroad ties outside Yekaterinberg.

But oh the ride.
When things were new.
When the president was a sweet little boy
And I held him in my arms,
And he was mine at my breast
But now he belongs to the mob roar
The media throngs and the political trends
What is truth?
They are money laundering the rough edges off the
Universe's seams
Bankrupt in bullshit righteousness,
Reductionism.  What's a King to a mob?
On giving Tuesday I attempt to bribe the judge.

The star-reds marker X ma(rk)s
The spot on Dealey Plaza.
50% off, casting roulette
On a white robe.

James Metelak is a poet, photographer, musician, and the primary curator of Headpiece full of Straw's 25 Days of Christmas.  He teaches and works with youth in Central Asia.  Check out his other work at, youtube or his poetry blog

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