Monday, December 21, 2009

O What a Scandal by Steven Eiler (8)

Mary, young and full of grace, a servant of the Lord,
still wore the veil upon her face when she received the Word.
Her family could not conceive what they could not compare.
Oh, what a scandal did she bear!

Joseph, patient neighbor of the mother of the Lord,
did pledge to build their home with love ('twas all he could afford).
His canopy was laden with the weight of the affair.
Oh, what a scandal did he bear!

Jesus, child of God and woman, born and fostered Lord,
who called our yoke his equal burden, mighty, meek, assured,
was put to death for claim to be the kingdom's rightful heir.
Oh, what a scandal did He bear!

We the church, all called apart, betrothed of the Lord,
now carry in our deepest heart the king to be restored.
Though we must show we cannot see the father we declare.
Oh, what a scandal do we bear!

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