Sunday, December 20, 2009

Grace by Greg Wilson (7)

The semester is coming to a close,
And we fool ourselves into believing
that by putting the final cherry on top -- finals,
we've just reached perfection, and all our problems are gone.

We've slaved well in academia,
And seem to maybe have achieved
the goal of a satisfied self-image?

But wait, there still remains the task of being merry!
Christmas is here!
School is out!
How could you not be merry?

We feel the pressure to embrace
the seasonal high.
It irks me, though, deep down.
I hunger for reality,
To be accepted for who I am,
In the midst of my troubles.

Somehow we tend to quickly glance
at the reason for this bliss,
and then go crazy with all the hedonistic activity called

What we missed was something called
Jesus came to kill perfectionism,
To say, "I love you even when you fail
to meet the expectations that earn acceptance."

We are not just innocent, broken people though.
We were by nature children of wrath,
And there was a price to be paid.
Jesus took that place for us,
Gave us grace unconditional.
Invites us back to life, and takes our death.

And he is with us in the everyday humdrum,
He gives us hope,
and loves us as we are.

May you not feel an external, inauthentic season of bliss,
But a comforting, quiet touch, to subdue all your angst.

You are loved just the way you are,
because of

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