Sunday, December 22, 2019

3)Stephen Carradini "The Eighth Christmas"

The Eighth Christmas
Or, The Text of a Children’s Book 
Concerning the Eighth Birthday of Yeshua Bar-Joseph

Mary dancing in the foyer.
Joseph turning wood.
Sisters chirping “miracles” while
James takes in the mood.
Jude is singing in the bathroom,
Neighbors bringing food.
Aunties hugging everyone, and
Uncles say “he could

grow up to be a carpenter,
working for his father.”
“Maybe take up fishing,
and then go out with his brother.”
“I hope he won’t take taxes and
shame his humble mother.”
“I pray he joins a rabbi.
Maybe Hillel, or another.

Or maybe something else, I guess,
he’s still got some boyhood.”
“Maybe Mary’s right.” “What’s that?”
“Messiah.” “Ah, she would.”

Stephen Carradini teaches, researches, reviews music, writes poetry, and sings in Arizona.

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