Wednesday, December 19, 2012

8)Authentic Joy by Lisa Metzler

In one of those moments when I realized my son wasn't coming home for Christmas, I wept from the very depths of my being.  As I brought myself back into the present, I realized I had a choice.   Do I give in to despondency and depression or do I wholeheartedly turn to God and ask Him to help me remember the real reason for this Christmas Season?

The only way I will be able to experience joy, be useful for God's Kingdom, and bring His joy and hope to others this Christmas Season, will be if I ask God to fill me with His Holy Spirit and depend on Him for the results.  When we truly understand the fact that God willingly gave His only Son to die so we could spend eternity with Him and with our loved ones who have gone before us; it will bring us a sense of peace and even hope.

It's like standing on the crest of a hill, seeing the beautiful peaks of the mountains in the distance, and refusing to allow our minds to dwell on the smog and muck that lies between that horizon and us.

As we deliberately keep our focus on God and ask His Holy Spirit to fill us, He will enable us to take the next step.  We must limit our perspective to focusing on one step at a time and we must trust Him to bring us the grace to take the next when that time comes. 

With our eyes focused on Jesus and our hearts filled with His Holy Spirit, He will overflow from us into the lives of those around us. Only in this way can we honestly share the joy and hope of this Season regardless of our circumstances.

With Love in Jesus, Lisa

Lisa Metzler is a devotional writer and an amazing second mom from Fallbrook, CA.  Hopefully by next year we'll be able to recommend her first book.

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