Monday, January 7, 2019

Bonus #2)Perde Yırtıldı by Adrienne Neusch

Adrienne Neusch is a singer-songwriter who lives in Turkey.  Check out more of her songs on Youtube or purchase her latest album on Amazon or ITunes.  

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Bonus #1: Deck the Halls by The Lavender Cloud

The Lavender Cloud creates catchy, often silly, fun songs, adventurous stories and imaginative videos that bring joy to kids and adults alike. Lavender Cloud is made up of Rachael Claire and Justin Botz, along with their Lavender Cloud Collective of patrons (family, friends and fans) who support the creation of their art.   Check out more of their music at

Saturday, December 29, 2018

12)The Year is Dead by Robert Best

The year is dead. Your time draws near.

Cold saps, wind bites and darkness drains.
The trees are stripped, the birds have fled.
The year is dead.

Winter kills. It strikes the homeless,
The fuel poor, the underfed.
The year is dead.

So homeward bound and batten down.
And find a place to lay your head.
The year is dead.

Embrace the feast, the fire and friends,
To warm your heart and ease your dread.
The year is dead.

But some may find themselves alone
With no one there to share their bread.
The year is dead.

Then raise your voice and fill the air,
Sing out with life and not despair.
Those that you love are in your heart
And while it beats you cannot part.

The year is dead. Your time is here.
The year is dead. Long live the year.


Robert Best works in IT and lives in Wales. He loves running about in the hills, archaic stick sports, and traditional folk music. At some point he may actually finish one of the many novels he's started but until then you'll struggle to access any of his artistic outlets unless you make a habit of checking out the folk clubs in South Wales. 

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

11)Бежал из подъезда--Kate Romashko

Бежал из подъезда, как очумелый.
На улице -20.
В окно разглядывала полночь, а там ты машешь рукой:
Проклевывался, как весной росток несмелый -
"Давай не стесняться?"
Дарил мне все свое время и иногда цветы
Вместе с душой.
Две пары колготок и мужские перчатки.
Синяк на ноге.
Мокрые спины и горящие глаза.
Костер в глубине леса, в котелке елового чая остатки.
Звездное небо.
Несмотря на все мои противоречия, я всегда с тобой была "за":
Обнимала на ципочках -
Такого холодного с улицы,
Такого горячего сердцем и нежного, как воздушное безе…
Смотрела как кромки деревьев
Под тяжестью снега целуются,
Пока с неба сыпалось драже.
Щеки красные.
Руки холодные.
Скорее бы пить какао, домой.
Я открою окно
И шагну сквозь пространство
Жить с тобой: той бесконечной зимой.

English Translation: 

You ran like crazy out the front door into the
Minus twenty outside
I peered through the window at midnight
And you waved 
Like a timid spring shoot 
"Let's not be shy."  
You gave me all of your time and sometimes flowers
Flourishing in your soul
Two pairs of leggings and men's gloves
A bruise on my leg
Wet backs and burning eyes
A bonfire in the deep woods,  
In the kettle the remains of spruce tea
A starry sky
Not counting all my self-contradictions, 
I was always "yes" with you,
Embracing you on tiptoe
So cold from the weather outside
Yet so warm and tender in your heart, like an airy meringue
I watch how the hems of the trees
Kiss under the weight of snow
While the sky sprinkles powder on us
Red cheeks
Cold hands
I wish to go home, to a cup of cocoa
I open the window
To step through time and space
To live with you in my mind 
In that unending winter.

Kate Romashko is a poet, visual artist, and photographer with a big imagination who loves the earth and wants to be an inspiration for others.   Check out more of her poetry on Facebook or check her vegan-eco-cooking blog on Instagram.  


Tuesday, December 25, 2018

10)Wise Men by James Metelak

From far-off
Bearing gifts
Following the star
A promise
An expedition
Across desert sand
A caravan

They came to a manger and

But first, they came to the border and
Were detained

What child is this?
Citizen.  American.
Her smile 50+ -star-bright light.
This is the only place she’s ever known.
She’s got a touch of the divine Sophia
In her eyes.
Central Asian and Mexican raised in Harlem.

Poll straws fall, fearmongers scream
We need a wall.
To protect us from messiahs and unsavories and extraterrestrials and moms.
No room at the inn
Where 10 room houses for 2-person families
Are normal.

The face of a child
Can you look in his/her face and say
That Yemenis and Afghanis and Congolese and Hondurans and Rohinga
Are less than? 
That they contain some defect:  genetic, cultural, economic, educational,
That says “our privilege is not for them.”
Will you take the door in your hand and
Shut it in the face of the orphan
Knocking at the door,
Praying for a family.
Shut it in the face of the homeless family
Living in a blue-tarp-tent camp.

The wall already exists

My month’s work
Is worth less than a day’s minimum wage work in the US
Just on the basis of geography
I’m the same person
With the same skills, same education
Teaching the same subjects

And where did we get this privilege? 

Venimus Vidimus Vicimus
A cross (centuries) of pistolas y colonialismo
21st Century client corporation state slaves
Countries systematically economically raped
And we wonder why the boys join gangs
What other options were there in San Quentin pre-deportation?  Survive.
And when the markets and lands are dominated by foreign corporations
There’s no capital left for a struggling nation
And in such a place of systematic oppression
The Maras provide their final solutions.  Survive.
The coyotes will take your money and your innocence.
And your kids will lose their identities
After the flight to Egypt
But at least you won’t worry so much about bullets.  Survive.
Run the desert.  Survive. 
Survive.  Turf wars and barbed US Aid funds.
Survive.  That’s what makes them wise. 

To us a child is born
A daughter is given
Under a streetlight in
An alley on a Tijuana street
Her mother didn’t make it to the border
But can you say
She’s not one of us? 
Can you not see the light in her eyes?
The gift that she is?
The gifts that she holds inside?

They come
From far-off
Bearing gifts
Following the star
A promise
An expedition
Across desert sand
A caravan

James Metelak is a poet, photographer, and singer-songwriter based in Kyrgyzstan, and the editor/curator of the Headpiece Blog.  Check out more of his work at  

Monday, December 24, 2018

9)Аллелуйя--Алексей Путилов (Hallelujah--Alexei Putilov)

Performed by Peace Church, Kaliningrad.  
Song written by Alexei Putilov.  

Alexei Putilov is a singer-songwriter from Shymkent, Kazakhstan.  He has loved writing songs, music, and singing bass in choir since he was a teenager.  He works as a carpenter but his life motto is:  "All instruments are a gift from God.  Develop your talents and use them!"